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Four Paddle & Ball Bundle (Free Grip Tape)

Four Paddle & Ball Bundle (Free Grip Tape)

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Discover the ultimate pickleball experience with our four-paddle and ball bundle, crafted for groups seeking variety and personalised play. With each paddle featuring a unique design inspired by Australia's vibrant locales, your games with friends will be as diverse and dynamic as the landscapes they represent. Get ready to serve, play, and bond over a shared love for the game.

Here's everything you need to know about our paddles:

- Surface: Crafted from high grade T700 & woven into 3k carbon fibre, it will give an unparalleled fusion of strength and finesse. Every stroke resonates with just the right mix of power and precision, allowing you to dominate the court with style.

- Core: Dive deeper, and you will find a robust honeycomb core, precisely 1.98cm in thickness. Meticulously designed to expand the sweet spot, every strike becomes a masterstroke, infusing your game with consistency and confidence.

- Weight: With its mid-weight design, this paddle offers a harmonic trinity of manoeuvrability, stability, and power. Effortlessly swing it to navigate those quick dinks or hold steady for those power-packed smashes, ensuring your every move is strategic and decisive.

- Grip and Handle: Experience unparalleled comfort and control with our sweat-proof, custom cushioned grip. The average grip circumference and handle length is designed to to provide a balanced feel that adapts perfectly to most players' hands, boosting your game's performance and comfort.

- Paddle Cover: To ensure your pickleball paddle stays in pristine condition, we include a paddle cover crafted from premium quality material. It's your paddle's perfect companion, safeguarding it from dust and damage when not in use.

Pickleball Ball: Durable, high-quality, and precisely designed lightweight plastic ball that offers excellent bounce and performance, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive playing experience!


  • Surface: T700 3k Carbon Fibre
  • Edgeguard: Custom made to withstand the elements
  • Core: 1.98cm (0.79”) Engineered Honeycomb
  • Weight: 226.8g
  • Grip Handle Length: 13.3cm (5.2”)
  • Grip Circumference: 10.9cm (4.3”)
  • Overall Dimension: 42cm H x 19.2cm W (16.5” x 7.6”)
  • Includes additional FREE Grip Tape

  • Ball
  • Includes 3 x Hybrid Pickleballs (40 holes, 7.4cm diameter, 26g weight per ball)

  • Return within 30 days- No questions asked
  • Carbon Fibre Surface
  • Shipping Australia Wide
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Pickleball is a mix of table tennis, tennis and badminton that is combined to create a game that is fun, exciting and easy to learn.

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