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Pickleball Balls 40 holes - 3 pack

Pickleball Balls 40 holes - 3 pack

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Durable, high-quality, and precisely designed lightweight plastic ball that offers excellent bounce and performance, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive playing experience!

Seamless design, 7.4cm diameter, 26g weight
40 holes and can be used for indoor and outdoor play (Hybrid)
smooth surface, consistent bounce, and durability
Vibrant yellow colour for enhanced visibility on the court
Suitable for all skill levels
Convenient pack of 3 for practice, matches, and more.


40 holes, 7.4cm diameter, 26g weight per ball x3

  • Return within 30 days- No questions asked
  • Carbon Fibre Surface
  • Shipping Australia Wide
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Learn about the game

Pickleball is a mix of table tennis, tennis and badminton that is combined to create a game that is fun, exciting and easy to learn.

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